Daydream Collage Kit

  • $60.00

75 Prints Made on Premium Recycled Paper

The Daydream Collage Kit takes you on a journey along the Southern California coastline to remote beaches throughout Mexico.

This photographic collection encapsulates photographer Jo Savage’s timeless adventures; friends surf deserted breaks in tropical water and relish lazy moments nestled against the sandstone sea-cliffs in her California backyard.

This curated collection provides relaxing escapism wherever and however you choose to display it- in a bedroom, office, or meditation corner. Transform your familiar spaces into a daydream.


The kit consists of 75 prints. Each print measures 8.5x11.

All photos contained in this kit were shot by San Diego local photographer Jo Savage. To see more of her work, check out her Instagram @jo_savagephotography.

Prints are made on 100% recycled paper with soy ink, so feel confident knowing you’re a sustainable shopper with Sun and Loom!

With each purchase, 10% of the profits go to the Honnold Foundation to support solar initiatives worldwide.

We can’t wait to see and share your beautiful spaces. Make sure to tag @sun_and_loom on Instagram to be featured.

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